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About us



    **** In 1974, MO-SAR was founded in Sydney, Australia.
   ****In 1988, it stationed in Humen Town, and then jointly established “China Hong Kong Andian Far Eastern Waterbed Factory” with a Hong Kong businessman and registered “Shuimeng” trademark to start the production and sales of “Shuimeng” waterbeds in Chinese market and return selling to Australia as OEM.
****On May 19th, 2000, “China Hong Kong Andian Far Eastern Waterbed Factory” was officially named “Dongguan Humen MO-SAR Furniture Plant”, engaged in production and OEM processing of waterbeds.
   ****On August 14th, 2002, “MO-SAR”- English trademark was successfully registered, the marketing of MO-SAR thermostatic waterbed started in China.
   ****On February 14th, 2008, “Huaxidun”- Chinese trademark (“华西顿”) registered successfully in China, “Huaxidun” series high-grade soft beds launched into Chinese market...
MO-SAR people have honored to have grown with customers over 20 years, and will unceasingly put forwards innovative products and well serve all consumers in the service concept of excellence, just as our ultimate goal that “Make One-third of Your Life Enjoyable”

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