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Please accept my personal invitation and  welcome to a new way of sleeping,to a world of comfort quality designed for your happiness,to a happy family of Mo-Sar sleepers.
With the purchase of a Mo-Sar Flotation Sleep System,you join a select and special group of people who have gone beyond the mere consideration of concept and price in the choice of a bed .Quality,craftsmanship and engineering play an equally important part in their buying decisions .These are sophisticated  buyers who seek out the best combination of values in superior choice is an source  of great satisfaction to me personally .We are honoured by their selection.
Mo-sar is committed to providing beds of the highest quality at affordable prices .Our high standards in matarials ,craftsmanship and engineering may require a greater investment on your part,but that is your assurance ,and our guarantee,of a bed we both can rely on to give you many years of sleeping comfort.
Since 1974,the Mo-Sar name has assured its customers of quality ,comfort,support and technology that is superior to all other .That  commitment is as strong as we progress through our second decade as it was when we sent our goals in those early days of 1947.
Our thanks to al our special people for their trust in us and this endeavour.
                                                                                                                              KEN MORAS
                                                                                                                            Mo-Sar Flotation Sleep System Pty.Ltd

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