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Dongguan city Humen aosha furniture factory
General manager: Deng Jinchang
Mobile: 13922926119
Sales Manager: Mr. Wang customer service: Miss Zhang
Merchants to join the person in charge Tel: 13509201129
Mobile: 18813381225 QQ:1606342286
Aosha Office Tel: 0769-85151322 unified national sales hotline: 400-779-2228
URL: http://www.mo-sar.com
Sales headquarters address: 5 floor, Bowen Road, 8, Humen Town, Guangdong City, Dongguan province (East Gate of Yong Qin industrial area)
Taobao aosha waterbed store ID:
1. minutes 3 heat (aosha brand 29 years quality assurance)
2. Home Furnishing aosha businesses (enterprise waterbed store).
Taobao link: https://mo-sar.taobao.com/shop/view_shop.htm, spm=a313o.7775905.a1zvx.d53.ytHniI&mytmenu=mdianpu&user_number_id=181265371?
Enterprise store links: https://shop156363310.taobao.com/index.htm, spm=2013.1.w5002-14155793062.2.o65fd7

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