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    Update:2015/8/12 15:40:50 Eider:adminSleep is the need of life, so people can't do without sleep, and lack of sleep to catch up on every day, otherwise will be punished, like the borrower must also the same.From the point of the test results of sleep instrument, normal inactive during sleep sometimes eyeball or only slowly floating, this paragraph of time is longer, But sometimes the eye quickly back and forth, this paragraph of time is shorter, and the eyeball slowly or fast move at the s

  • Buoyancy sleep and scientific research


    Update:2015/8/14 14:31:53 Eider:adminThe buoyancy of the water bed sleep with all the support and bearing capacity, and provides a good blood circulation and healthier and more comfortable sleep.University of Chicago medical center, the human body to withstand the pressure of more than 35 mm Hg, the blood circulation of this site will be hindered, this situation can not be improved for a long time, it will lead to the corresponding organs of the substantive lesions. People in the spring mattre

  • What is the water bed


    Update:2015/8/14 14:47:28 Eider:adminA water matrix is made of high quality natural rubber, constitute the best effect of buoyancy and flexibility. Medical experts think: waterbed in full compliance with the physiological curve of a human body, either supine or lateral position, and truly realize the mattress and the human body tightly, cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra no longer impending, uniform support body weight, reduce body weight on the spine, muscle, micro vascular and nervous system

  • Buoyancy sleep and medical research


    Update:2015/8/15 17:30:27 Eider:adminThe basic buoyancy sleep with all the support and provide good blood circulation and healthier and more stable sleep, medical research proof buoyancy waterbed than general mattress and mattress spring makes it easier to sleep waterbed provide healthy and comfortable sleep. The water bed has helped the problem of finding the solution of long term care, including patient care and treatment.Medical researchers also benefits of a report waterbed is a skeleton o

  • Surprised! Insomnia should be so much harm


    Update:2015/8/16 8:10:13 Eider:adminInsomnia will bring more harm than you imagine, will accelerate the body aging, memory continued to decline, and even induced hypertension. What harm does insomnia also bring us?Harm a: attention can not focus, emotional instability: the direct impact of sleep problems, the performance of the short term performance of the day and sleep, thinking is not clear, can not clearly express their meaning, can not focus attention, to complete the work task efficiency

  • Sleep water bed body slimmer


    Update:2015/8/18 11:39:00 Eider:adminExperts think the chest, a carpenter, inclined shoulder shape defect is mainly the result of improper selection of bedding. Some people think that the person's spine is straight, in order to prevent bending, let the children sleep bed at an early age. Normal spine is not straight but actually there are four physiological bending: the neck forward protruding, chest back convex, the waist and convex, sacral tail back convex, similar to S type. U.S. scient

  • Why do you say water bed is better than spring bed!


    Update:2015/8/20 8:27:24 Eider:admin Compared with wooden beds, spring bed an obvious advantage is that it has the permeability, especially in the summer, to flush out quantity of heat through the spring mattress sponge porosity into the spring bed net, let a person sleep very comfortable, (permeability is a technical measure of performance type mattress). However, it also produced a malpractice, many human body moisture accumulation for a long time in the spring bed net, lead to the cotton bl

  • Forever


    Update:2015/8/22 15:10:53 Eider:adminAlso in want to eat what is what conditions, the citizens of Washington experienced 150 years is one of the four become fat people, and people in Beijing, capital of China, experienced only 20 years there are three second belt variable length become fat people, what reason is this? The original, Americans think, eat, every day to give people 3 hours of enjoyment; sleep every day to enjoy 8 hours a day, 8 is far greater than 3. In addition, eat once tube not

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